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The Ohio Valley Polyamory Network is an out reach web site looking to find and gather people in the Ohio Valley region involved or sincerely interested in polyamory.

Polyamory is a philosophy that allows a person to have more than one love (emotional, spiritual, and/or sexual) at a time, openly and honestly.

We would like this site to be a place where others can contact and network with like-minded people and begin to cultivate community. We've found networking through e-mail, list serves, chat rooms to be very helpful in exploring the relatively uncharted waters of multiple relationships. But even better is meeting and linking with each other in person.

In establishing this site, centered around the Cincinnati area, we hope that people in the Ohio Valley region (those in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana or as far away as they are willing to travel) be able to find each other by using this site or contacting us.



Ohio Valley Polyamory Network

"to help midwife the birth of new relationship forms, new family structures and new conceptions of sexuality with the intent of creating more freedom, more responsibility & more love in the world." Deborah Annapol Love Without Limits

Address technical website comments/requests to the webmaster: Yellowdog
Last revised: January 22, 2010.

We've drawn inspiration from many organizations and people in creating this web site.



since January 1999

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