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Poly Basics for Newcomers

Polyamory: What? Why? How?
Polyamory 101
Wikipedia entry for  "Polyamory"
Quantum Love: a Beginner’s Guide to Polyamory article about being polyamorously involved for the first time
Loving More FAQ accessible thru the Loving More site, but definitely worth it's own link.
Have You Considered Non-monogamy?
How to F*** Up Relationships
Polyamory UseNet FAQs
Is Loving One Not Enough?
The Myth of Monogamy
Things Your Monogamous Partner Wants You to Know


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Poly Intricacies

Polyamory Society - Self-improvement Program  a wonderful collection of exercises, tools, affirmations, rights for improving one's own emotional self - We need to begin with ourselves first, not foster growing healthiness in our relationships poly or not.
Jealousy and the Abyss fascinating viewpoints on what is at the core of jealousy and how to transcend it.
Jealousy, Love, and Relating in the 21st Century -interesting writing from Osho on love and jealousy being ingrained in our society as inseparable, one and the same, and how destructive that has been to relationships. More on the site too. Find the title in the list and click on it.
Jealousy - practical suggestions for dealing with jealousy.
Articles about Polyamory and Sacred Sexuality by Deborah Anapol
Models of Open Relationships
by Kathy Labriola
A Poly Relationship Agreement sample of a written agreement - Karen Scott
A Bouquet of Lovers -a classic early(1990) poly writing by Morning Glory Zell
Collected Essays & Articles about polyamory
Polyamory and Children

Compersion - opposite of Jealousy - the feeling of taking joy that others you love, love others. The 2nd listing is a great exercise when jealousy comes up.
a site devoted to the subject of Compersion. (currently being  redesigned)
The Poly Advisors - Dr Sasha & Janet Lessin
Natalie's Thoughts on Polyamory  this is a good one
Evolutionary Tendencies of Polyamory
Understanding Opposition to Polyamory
Working With Polyamorous Clients in the Clinical Setting a paper delivered to the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality - April 2002 by Dr. Joy Davidson
Daily Household Duties in a Poly Household - Tamsen's family
Polyamory? Franklin's Polyamory FAQ (excellent resource)




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OVPN Articles/experiences

Why I Have an Open Marriage  by Jasmine
Poly-a Path to Spiritual Transformation by Rebeccala 
Love is Love by Deb Hisle
Poly-centric Living by Open
Everyone Has Something to Come Out About by Caren 


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Poly Web Rings and Indexes

Loving More Magazine
Loving More has a message board, for asking questions, seeking advice, sharing experiences. They also have a chat room. They are a good organization, and don't put you on any sleazy mailing lists. They have books available and a great magazine, that can be ordered online, and they send what you order right away. I highly recommend the magazine and some books: The Polyfidelity Primer, is a really good "What's this all about?" starting place. Breaking the Barriers to Desire, has a GREAT bibliography, including videos, Polyamory: The New Love Without Limits, great info, good for sharing with others Loving More does not carry, but I highly recommend: Open Marriage, by George and Nena O'Neill. - Resources listings
Polyamory Society
The Poly Ring a ring of 182 poly sites
Polyamory Index-
Poly - Open Directory Project
Couples BiFm-Poly Directory


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Poly books, magazines, music, movies, press.....

Poly books
Poly books, movies, etc.
Loving More Magazine, sample articles
Harrad 2000 -novelist Robert Rimmer's website
Poly movies
Poly music - Howard Landmen list
Polyamory Poetry Page
Newspaper article: Boston Phoenix -- "Polyamorists"
Newspaper article: SF Gate News - Multiply Your Love......

Newspaper article: Village Voice - Two’s Too Tough
Newspaper article: Salon - When Three's Company or Four or Five
Newspaper article: Columbus Alive - When One Lover Isn't Enough by Psyche Torok of the Columbus poly group
Netzine articles: Daze Reader -- "Polyamory"  from Nerve, Los Angles Times, San Francisco Chronicles, and more......
Poly documentary: " When Two Won't Do "
Poly music: " Three " Ben Silver - GaiConsort

Poly music: " Polyamorous " Breaking Benjamin - acoustic video -   heavy metal version video



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Message boards, e-mail lists, chat rooms

Regional e-mail lists in Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana
Polyamorous Percolations - blog and great resource
Loving More Forum
poly mailing lists and other networking resources
Poly-under30 mailing list
Poly-Pagan -Personals
Poly-Greens a poly activism site for garnering poly support within the growing Green party
Poly-Religion-a site for people dealing with religious intolerance toward for being poly
Yahoo-Groups polyamory related mailing lists  over 96 of them


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Poly groups around the country

The Polyamory Society - Local Support Groups Index
alt.polyamory - Organizations Local Support Group Index
LovingMore - Finding local groups around the country
Chesapeake Polyamory Network
Polyfidelity Group of Greater Seattle and Western Washington
Love Without Bounds
World Polyamory Association
Family Tree
The Institute for 21st Century Relationships
Family Synergy
Poly Friendly Professionals List-a site for people looking for therapists who are poly open-minded
Kink Aware Professionals List-a site for people looking for therapists who are kink open-minded
Hampton Roads Polyamory (HaRP)- Hampton Roads Virginia -Yahoo Group
HaRP- Richmond Virginia -Yahoo Group
HaRP- Charlottesville Virginia Yahoo Group
Roanoke Polyamory - Virginia
Virginia Poly Personals


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Poly Workshops/festivals/conferences

The Sacred Space Institute - poly workshops
LovingMore conferences -
Ancient Exchanges Of Nature list for the AEON poly/pagan festival May 23-26 2003

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Personal poly pages & Journals

Poly Journals
Stef's Home Page
Live Journal - Polyamorous Community
Live Journal -Compersion: Love Without Jealousy's Journal
Confessions from my Open Marriage - blog from an OVPN list member

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Poly Activism

Alternatives to Marriage Project-a site advocating for equality and fairness for "unmarried" people
Poly-Greens a poly activism site for garnering poly support within the growing Green party

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Sacred/Evolved Sexuality

Karezza, Tantra, and Sex Magic compilation of articles
Tantrika International - Ipsula Tantra Yoga excellent program - with a big community in Cincinnati, OH
One Pagan Elder's View on Sex, Monogamy, and Polyamory on sacred sex as well
Sacred Space Insitute articles by Debroah Anapol & sacred sexuality collection
Normalizing Sacred Sexulaity
A Taste of Erotic Rites - doctoral dissertation by Loraine Hutchins Ph. D.


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Ohio Valley Polyamory Network

"Confusing monogamy with morality has done more to destroy the conscience of the human race than any other error..." George Bernard Shaw

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